Profil na kvadrat d.o.o. is a company founded in 2007 in Split, specializing in turnkey residential and office renovations. We are constantly working on improving and adapting to new technological solutions, and we always strive for quality, and besides interior adaptations we have 15 years of experience in the production and installation of aluminum and PVC doors and windows - link.

Clients' trust is the foundation of our business, and the whole turn-key adaptation process involves cooperation with all participants in the process of renovation of a residential or commercial space. Expertise, professionalism, quality and an eye for detail are our strengths that transform your home into the dream home.

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Papandopulova 5, 21000 Split, Croatia
OIB: 46167215568
MB: 02216884
Hrvoje Božić, board member
Ivan Šipić, board member
Amount of share capital: 20.000,00 kn paid in full.


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